Friday, June 21, 2013

Look What I Got... A pleated poppy inspiration

Hey y'all.. its Friday which means a  linkup with thepennilesssocialite.blogspot.,com for their "Look What I Got" Challenge... today's look what I got is a pure inspiration from the holy grail of blogs for me... Lindsey posted this pic earlier in the week...see the scale??? I copied it right off her blog... When I saw the scale at Salvation Army I HAD to get it!!! 1.95 and its just like Lindsey!!!!
I also got this sign for over the bed...
the & sign was only 7.95... the S and the B I had... Originally I put up S&C for Suzanne and Chris.. Freaknuts (hubsband) said, " It should be S &B since HE'S

the one who sleep there....

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