Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another Pleated Poppy copy....

I know you all know and love thepleatedpoppy.com as much as I do... she is an icon in the area of fashion blogs.... and I watch that blog like a hawk to see what new and interesting outfits she has come up with... so I've seen this sweater quite a lot... 
what i wore at the pleated poppywhat i wore at the pleated poppyIMG_0040The way she wears this sweater is so versatile.. so when I saw it at Target.. I had to jump on it!!! NOW... I know she is WAAAY taller and skinnier than me... but again.. I try.... Have a terrific Tuesday my friends!!!


  1. It looks cute. I have seen that sweater as well. I read the WIWW a lot which is how I found your blog. :-) Are those boot socks too? I haven't worn my Groopdealz ones yet as I wondered how they fit over jeans? Molly

  2. You MUST get the boot socks!!! I just got some rain boots that actually fit over my huge calves and the boot socks make the outfit.... Sooooo worth it