Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ANOTHER Pleated Poppy copy...

Good Morning Lovelies!!!! Its Wednesday again, and even though I missed last week's WIWW over at and and I am still hopelessly devoted to the WIWW... soooooo... Lindsey again inspired me with these boots....
what i wore at the pleated poppy I have seen her in these boots over and over again... here are some more examples...IMG_0735 could you die?? They are so cute!!! 
Now I have NEVER found a pair of rain boots that fit over my chunky chunky calves... these are the first ones I found... 32.99... not bad... 
Have a WONDERFUL day and don't forget to linkup!!!!


  1. so cute! i love the lace underneath!

  2. You look adorable head to toe! I love your scarves!!!

  3. Cute outfit!!! I love the boots. I have the same calf issue. I love the scarf too. Molly

  4. LOVE the lace under that sweater and those scarfs! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie