Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Its Wednesday again... which means linkup day.... Go linkup with thepleatedpoppy.comtuckerup.blogspot.comand Now all of my teacher friends out there know who Mrs.Wishy Washy is... she is a very famous character in alot of phonics books for kids... however, I think the author saw me in a skirt and developed the character after my cankles.... I recently tried on a skirt with some super flat little slip ons... this is, and I am NOT exaggerating.. what it looked like...
Image result for mrs wishy washy clipartmy ankles just melt into my feet...So when I see the cutest little dresses like this: 
4284from and thisfrom I cry a little inside... no more dresses or shorts for me!!!!! its the curse of the cankle!!!!!

oh well.. theres worse things than this... like a unibrow... so I"m thankful I don't have that!!!! 
Have a GREAT Wednesday and linkup!!!!
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