Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A What I Wore Wednesday!!!

ok...I am wearing WAAAAY too much foundation in this pic.. .you can tell I don't get my pic taken very often... now what has Pookapookapooka been up to???
 first lets talk about this class of mine... there are 25 of them... thats alot... and there are about 5 boys that make it feel like its 35!!Every thing that comes out of my  mouth is met with opposition... whether by word or action.... I have a headache every day I leave school...I dont' know if its old age or what... but something's gotta give!!!
I have had three pairs of pants split while I'm wearing them!!! WTH!!! 
My uterus microwaving was a bust!!! The dream of living a period free life was not fulfilled.... My dr. told me that the scarring from my 2 c-sections caused my uterus to now have endometirosis... and there is.......nothing that she could do....
So things are not great.... things will get better!!! I have extreme faith!!!

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  1. I had endometriosis stage 2-3, cysts on my ovaries, fibroids, etc. I had a full hysterectomy in 2004. I don't miss periods or any of the pain. I had no idea I had endo till the OB got in there and told my husband after surgery. Hope you feel better soon.