Tuesday, April 23, 2013

57 outfits and nothing to wear...

Sweater: Merona by Target (bought AT Target)
Jeans: Curvy Boot bought at Target
Shoes: Generic Toms (Bobs) by Sketchers
necklace: Rue 21

Did you ever go to bed and sleep soooooooooo good? I know you have.. but the problem is.. I slept so good that last night before I went to bed I completely didn't pick out my outfit for today... so while I'm in the shower I'm mentally going through my clothes and trying to remember what is in my closet... plus, the weather here is hinky.. like damp and cool, but it has the potential to get warmer... uggghh.. so this was the best I could come up with... its not wonderful.. not terrible.. its...comfortable... Have a great day my friends!!!


  1. this weather is so hard to dress for! all i want is to wear spring clothes but it is still cold!