Thursday, February 28, 2013

Guest blogger extraordinare... Part deux

Look at our guest blogger Laura bringing in the fahion... what do I like better? /The ankle boots? the super cute skirt? NO... the blazer!!! Go... on... girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll!!!! the only thing missing today is Sadie :(

Friday's giveaway..

Hey y'all.. here it is live and in person!!! The full bloom necklace..  normally 89.00.. but for my lovely wonderful bloggers.. FREE!! Don't forget to send your friends!!! Love anyone who comes to see me!!!

trying to channel Jackie Kennedy...

                                       Sweater: Merona by Target c/o Salavation Army
                                       Skirt: Jaclyn Smith c/o Goodwill
                                        necklace: Rue 21

I love this Gingham trend that I keep seeing.. I love Gingham in all of its forms including Laura Ingalls.. so when I find a cute skirt that I can wear WITH boots... girrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllll... bring it!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wild color Wednesday...

 We were thisclose to a snow day today (not really but a girl can dream) so I had to wear boots because there is snow on the ground... these cute little boots were on Clearance clearance clearance (last chance!!) at Marshalls.. 12.00... I am usually not a big fat of little booties like this as my legs are so short and stumpy... but these are ok.. changing things up a bit...
Sweater and scarf: Rue 21 Aurora outlet mall
Jeans: Dots
Boots: Marshalls

two brothers....
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friday's Giveaway!!!

Hey y'all!!! Friday is the start of my giveaway!!! This is what is up for grabs!! I saw my girl Susan wearing it and it is soooooooo cute!!!

Amazing Amazon!!!

10 and 2

                                          Three groups of four
Put it together..
I ordered this on Amazon yesterday!!! and here it is in the snowstorm!!! This is a 100 bead rack... it is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used for addition with first graders... the one I have currently is red and white but any two contrasting colors works.. heres how it works... its 5 and one.. 6.. you push over ten.. then add 2 they see the ten and the 2 see twelve.. then they start adding and seeing the beads.. it is soooo powerful I've also done this with groups like 3 groups of 4 put it together.. 12....missing addends be damned!!!

an unwanted??? snow day...

Scarf: Target
top: Target c/o Salvation Army

this is again.. me on my own.. I took this in the girls bathroom... they have a stepstool I took advantage of...
ugggghhh!!!! my teacher friends know how few and far between days are when you go to school... have no students and your institute day is super short so you can just get all the stuff you have wanted to get done since... oh.. August.... and now you FINALLY have all the time in the world to get it done... well that was supposed to be today... and here comes winter!!!! I got rushed right out of the building right when I was hitting my stride.... girrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll.... I love a snow day as much as anyone... but not when I'm already AT school!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The bass ackwards way to do things...

                                                 The BEFORE.....
                                               The AFTER... yay!!
My hubsband and I are NOT who you would call Mr and Mrs.Fix it.. and if I took pictures of how this sink got from the before to the after... y'all would call the DIY network for an immediate and emergency intervention!! Let me just say.. the journey may not have been pretty.. but the outcome...preeeeettttttyyyyy.....
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The best I could do on my own...

                                       Sweater: Worthington c/o Goodwill
                                       Black t shirt: Target
                                       jeans Target
                                        boots: Rue 21
                                      black necklace: Goodwill
                                       crystal necklace: Target

This is NOT a good pic for you today.. I will try to do better.. my hubsband is my photog and he was in the shower when I needed him.. he was afraid the camera would slip and it would be some kind of x-rated photo of him in the shower... so I was on my own...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Australian Genius..

 is how I would describe this man.. yes it is a man.. LOVE me so Chris Lilley.. if you have not seen "Summer Heights High" or "Angry Boys"... DO IT NOW!! he is so funny and talented..

The BEST guest bloggers ever!!!!

 I use the expression,"my girl" alot.. but this one literally IS my girl... This is my daughter Casey home from UIC!!!Next to her is my son Jack 15.. another RELUCTANT guest blogger!!!

No you're not seeing things... the bottom of her hair is blue...

                                                        T-shirt: Salvation Army
                                                        Flannel: Pay/Half
                                                         Leggings:Victorias Secret
                                                         Moccasins: Target c/o Salvation Army

Look What I've Got...

 ok.. these slipper/boots are a real steal... I literally put these boots in my cartat Target about a month ago and then put them back because I'm sure I was over my Target limit as usual.. SOOO glad I did!!! Because here they are at Salvation Army for 5.06!!! Yay!!! Look what I got!!

 I never saw this at Target.. because it was probably NOT in any clearance section.. but originally 59.99... I got it for 30.00...pretty good!!!
Today I am linking up with for their "look What I Got" challenge.. Heres what I got!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Hey y'all.. no that isn't me.. but it could be you...I am giving away this necklace thanks to my good friend Susan who is helping me... it is just in for spring and I WANT IT!!!

Lazy Friday and a giveaway...

 Sweater: Target
Jeans: 501 boot cut c/o Goodwill
shoes: Target boys
scarf: Dots
There is NOTHING spectacular about this outfit other than the fact that it made me late as hell for work... I was pretty much aiming for comfort today over fashion...

BUT the spectacular thing.. I am having a giveaway!!! Details coming SOON.....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Bloogger time...

2. Milan.. Not so reluctant... in fact.. very agreeable.. and very fashionable.. right...
                                       sweater, button down, jeans: H&M
Kelly.. reluctant blogger #2.. but so cute..
Boots: sketchers..

and Francie is back!!! this was kind of unfair.. She was running and I MADE her take this pic.. but look at how cute she looks!!!
Look!! 2 Men in one day!!! This is Mike our trusty security guard.. he looks SUPER thrilled to get his pic taken right??

boots: DSW
Jeans: Express
T shirt, cardigan, sweater, scarf: Gap
And OF COURSE my girl Allison!!! bringing the heat today with her fashion..shes the Kate Middleton of this blog...

Another pleated poppy copy

scarf: Rue 21
cords: Old Navy Sweethearts c/o Goodwill
sweater: Dots

I'm copying the pleated poppy again with this cardigan... she took a cardigan and pinned it on the top.. I tried it... I was going to wear that plaid button down I got on Monday.. but it was kinda short.. didn't do much for the muffin top... this cardigan covers it nicely....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What do you look at when you go to the bathroom?

I go on ALOT of blogs.... and the bloggers I go on have a very good handle on photography.. not this gal.. I am photgraphically illiterate.. it took me like 5 shots to figure this out.. but this is what I look at when I go to the bathroom.. I feel it keeps my attention...


I have been blogging for about a month now.. this is what happens when you let blogging become your main focus in life!!!! turned me onto this company... I am now awaiting my first box... just like my girl Misty on this blog, I will show everyone what I get and review.. I've told Jack and Mr.Blank Face Man (not really...) that they will be FULL participants...

Sick Day Chic

EMBRACE your curves girrrrrllll!!!!

 better in black and white.....
My partners in crime....