Friday, March 29, 2013

Dear 17 year old Suzanne

1. Remember a while back when I told you my dad was slowly emptying his house out piece by piece? Well he gave me a stack of pics and this was one of them..
2. I apologize to the boys in the pic.. I don't remember you, so if you stumble upon this blog... sorry for using your image w/o your permission...
3. I picked this photo because I look kind of sassy (right?) and skinney (sob!!)
4. If I could talk to this gal... I would tell her... girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll... you look GOOD!!! one day there will be a replica of you out there whose a little prettier..her name is Casey.. Pullleeease!! save your strength.. this girl is going to TEST IT!!! I would also tell her to PAY ATTENTION!!!
*Stop getting distracted by the littlest thing...
* please pay attention to your driving!!! Car accidents are NO FUN and you have no car...
*you gotta hubsband out there is who is a great guy... you're lucky..
*treat your mom and dad better... they love you a whole lot
*one day you will have a son who will treat you better than you probably deserve
*Listen to your gut... its always served you well
and last....
*you is beautiful, you is kind, you is important!!

Girl meets dog.. girl loves dog...

This is my girl (literally) Casey who came home from college for Eastert to be  reunited with Brady whom she so lovingly refers to as.. Smewwy .. she asked me to film the reunion... very sweet

a blog inspiration

I am stealing this from it completely captures the true meaning of Good Friday... and lets us know that He is the only one who can raise us up...

the Look What I Got challenge...

Today I am linking up for her weekly
"look what I got!" challenge... what did I get? all at the Downers Grove Salvation Army....
1. this cute little bunny plate.. originally 12.95 from Hallmark.. got it for 4.50!!
2. this great waffle iron.. tested it out.. it works fine.. waffles for Easter Bruch!!!
3. This Merona dress.. will I wear this on Easter? Absolutely!!!very springy!!
4. This print from Target... it reminded me of "Mad Men".. and anything that can conjure visions of
Don Draper?? Wrap it up.. I'll take it!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

high low link up

Today I am linking up with teachertothecore.blogspot.comfor her high/low linkup!!

First, the High
My high this month would be today!! My class had a visit from the Easter Bunny!! My friend Tim had his fifth graders fill eggs with jelly beans and I hid them all over the room... I usually do a leprechaun hunt with clues all over the school, but I got sick this year  right before St. Patrick's the Easter Bunny left a note instead.. Tim helped me redeem myself..
Now.. the low
This has been a rough month for our teachers.. our district is going through a contract dispute that is going on a year!!! The second contract offer was rejected and we are now going into mediation.. this added to the 54 schools that have been shut down in Chicago and alot of aides losing their jobs.. it makes my heart heavy....

I figured it out...and the Easter Bunny

the Easter Bunny left this mysterious note on our door...

Turns out he left Easter eggs for everyone..

Two per person... what a nice guy...(the nice guy is actually Tim aka Mr Fogt who supplied the eggs and the candy.. heres a reminder..

and I figured out my pictures... a little late.. but you know. I'm no Bill Gates...

Sideways day...

Y'all... I swear for Gawd... I cannot figure out how to get my pics from my cell phone on this blog the right way.. I turn them all around and they come up like this.. its a shame too.. cuz this outtif is cute...
Top: Rue 21
Pants: Dots
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A not so random post....

I don't know about y'all.. But teachers are under attack here in Illinois... Here our retirement age was 59 years old and it just got raised to 61 with 20 years working... 54 of our Chicago public schools are being shut down... The morale of our teachers ( the ones I work with) is at an all time low... I love teaching.... I love  my little 6-7 year olds, that has not changed.... But teachers need your prayers, your encouragement, your love.... I love our nations teachers and if you know one, are one, or have one, please support them!!! We are truly under attack....

another cool app...and a linkup

I got this app called "apps gone free" on my phone you probably all have it.. it gives you about 10 free apps a day.... this one is called pictok.. it gives you a cool frame for your pics.. this is Cooper.. the baaaby.... I couldn't resist..
Today I am linking up with

Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy...

Blazer: Marshalls
Top: Gap c/o Goodwill
Pants: Target online
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Shoes: Rue 21
This isn't the BEST I've ever looked.. but these pants are like go to pants.. LOVE them.. they fit perfectly and they are comforatable.. they never wrinkle... they don't make me look exactly skinny... but if I could find clothes to accomplish this.. I would buy them out!!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The new blue

top: Target
sweater: Gap c/o Goodwill
Jeans: Dots
Boots: Salvation Army
necklace: Old Navy

Girrrrrrrrrrlllllll.. it is about 12:40 and I just got someone to take my pic... usually I have this done before school, but today my hubsband is off so he was sound asleep, photographer extraordinare Tim was a no go, so my girl Sara took the pic in the middle of lunch... What I make people do for the good of the blog...

Monday, March 25, 2013

The noun game...

hey y'all.. its another round of linkups with!! Today's challenge? The noun game... your favorite person, place, animal, or thing...

1. Person... Mrs.Reed keeps getting me in trouble.. last week  I had to put a pic of my hubsband up for the five favorite people link up.. now here we go again.. sorry hubs...but this is my favorite person...

2. My favorite place... bed... I looooooooovvvvvvvve my bed.. .even though sometimes I sleep weird and it gives me neck aches.. I would never talk bad about the bed...

3.Animal... my FAVORITE animal unfortunately is deceased... this is Matilda.. Mattie for short.. she was our very first dog as a family... I know I will see her again.. she taught me alot....

4. Thing... This is probably queer.. but my favorite thing is this...This B I got from family hates it.. I LOVE It.. its big.. its simple.. its just B... I love it...

spring break?

vest:Salvation Army
Scarf: Rue 21
top: Goodwill
Jeans: Goodwill

There is about an inch of snow on the ground right now.. so it doesn't feel much like spring break for Jack and Casey... and its a sleeeeeeeeeeeepy Monday for me....
I spent my whole day yesterday watching "House of Cards" on Netflix like a mental patient.. I watched like 11 episodes... very good.. ending was sketchy....will there be a season 2? It was all very up in the air...but a good show.. I give it a thumbs up
When I woke up yesterday I asked myself the eternal question,"What can be gained????" by getting up? (What can be gained is from Estelle Costanza.. "what can be gained from touching someone's material???!") and the answer was,'nothing.".. just spending money.. so I stayed in bed for the majority of the day.. I did put a bra on just to be respectable.. and then I was winded...
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Friday, March 22, 2013

link up Friday

today I am linking up with and for their challenges... What I wore to work.. and look what I got..

The end of a FIVE day week!!

Button down: Target
Cherry sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Dots

While all you lucky ducks are going on Spring break next week.. my butt will be here working!!! My spring break isn't until April 9!!! Pray for me!!!
At least the weather isn't taunting me.. it still feels like winter here!!!
So congratulations to all my five day workers.. it has been a five day work week.. and we have worked every damn on of em!!!
today I am linking up for her Look what I got challenge.. Look what I got? the boots on Amazon.. 32.00.. (69.00 at payless!!!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

why you should follow my blog...

I have first grade fans.... See? I'm the best teacher... of course they're only in first grade so their catalog of teachers is limited to me and their kindergarten teacher... but you know.. you take what you can get...and.if you're asking yourself, did I draw this myself and pass the writing off as 6 year olds just for more blog followers?? uhhh... no!! ( although.. thats probably not a bad idea...)

Scarf withdrawl...

Necklace: Target c/o Goodwill
Sweater: Target online
Jeand: Charlotte Russe
boots: Goodwill

I am trying to wean myself off of scarves... I feel I wear scarves with every sweater and my joo ries are getting neglected... they feel sad...
This sweater is actually a dress, but my body is TOO bootylicious for you... so we are wearing as a sweater... I just don't think you're ready for this jelly...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the vernal equinox...

ok y'all.. today is the vernal equinox.. which  means you should be able to balance an egg on its bottom.. (if this is a myth , please dont' tell me.. this is like my Santa) so my class tried it and it worked.. would this work on any day? probably.. but we're in first grade... so I am linking up with

What I wore Wednesday...

dress:Merona c/o Goodwill
Sweater: Dots
Leggings: Aeropastle

Girrrrrrrrrrllll.. something about me is.. I love Howard Stern.. unapologetically LOVE him!!! so last week he had John Varvados from Fashion Star on his show and he said if you want to look skinney, wear skinney clothes.. so thats the experiment today.. wear skinny clothes.. try to look skinney... working???
On another note: HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING Y'ALL!!!.. my class is doing that thing where you are supposed to be able to balance an egg on its bottom... we will see.. reports to follow...
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