Monday, April 22, 2013

The KHALEESI!!!!!!!!

Again.. I know I say I watch anything on tv... slight exaggeration... but if theres a show that people are talking about.. I am all in..My "Game of Thrones" fans know how good this show is...and the Khaleesi... ughhh... there are no words....and she is so magical and powerful and worthy of all respect.. she must have her own list... or at least be  a huge part of my "Thoughts" Game of Thrones edition:
1. ok.. why oh why do I root for Jaime Lannister???Hes a bad bad guy right??but getting his hand cut off... he didn't deserve that... Jaime.. you didn't deserve it!!!!
2. Why do I care about Theon? He did kill those farmers kids.. everyone else is like, "I don't care about Theon.. he can suffer!!!" but I feel bad for him..he has no identity and is trying to be a banger... he needs Rob back...
3. Speaking of Rob... this show must be turning the heat on Rob up verrrrrry slllllooooooooooowly.... He is hella sexy(exhibit A)exchibit B) and there are not nearly enough scenes of him with no shirt on.. I don't even mind his wife... she is kind...
4. I like the grandmother with the kings aides.... these two are two I wouldn't want to cross.. I think Grandma has as many spiders and spies as Little Finger
5. Somewhere along the line.. Joffery's going to get his... and I PRAY Sensa is there to see it...
6,. I KNEW the Khaleesi knew what the king was saying the whole time he was degrading her..her restraint was too cool....and she never wavered....I looooove me some Khaleesi!!!!!
7 I knew she was never going to give away her dragons... the dragons are starting to become independent... she can test them to do duties and improve their skills.... Good Mama!!!!!
8. The Khaleesi is the one true owner of the throne... she has given it all up, and she has proven herself worthy....'

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