Monday, March 31, 2014

One ends... another begins....

Well... as my "Walking Dead" fans know.... last night  was our finale... and a juicy one at that.... T E R M I N U S!!!! now we have to wait until October... BUT...we have "Mad Men" on  the horizon.... BRING ON MY DON DRAPER!!!! I  have missed him so!!!!! Not to mention "Game of Thrones".... BRING ON MY DRAGONS!!!!! I am super excited about the new tv coming... I remember back in the day when you only had like three channels and you had to wait all year for a show... now  we are so lucky.. we have  all these great shows all the time... it makes me so happy because as you know TV is my life.... I unabashedly LOVE my shows... so if you are depressed/... take comfort in the fact that Jon Hamm will soon be on your TV screen looking FINE AS HELL!!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

coming out of the dark...

ok I'm out of the bed... on antibiotics and literally OUT OF FOOD.. I swear 'For GAWD... you can NOT get sick in this house... noone does anything when I'm sick... the dishes just pile up as does the laundry, the dust, and the dirt....

I don't think  I told y'all about my ladder from I got the ladder and then added the wreath which I 
got from


Beware the Ides of March

My high school English teacher told us the ides of March were between the 15-18 of March... My ides of March fall between the 25-31.... I went to the Dr. for my illness and he said I've been sick every year within a week of this date for the last 4 years...
2011: I had the ADNO virus April 2
2012: Sinus infection onset of vertigo April 5
2013: Sinus infection April 1
2014: Sinus infection March 27
So I seriously BEWARE the ides of March... they are no joke....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well it was bound to happen!!! The cold/flu that has plagued every part of my work environment finally GOT ME!!! my throat is sore, my nose is stuffed up and I'm achey all over... and do you know how I got it??? My hubsband gave it to me... I have become immune to the germs of 6 year olds... but here he comes offering me his smallpox blanket and I'm all over it just like the Native Americans.... uggghhh... but it can't keep me away from What I Wore Wednesday over at and

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Good Day Sunshine

Good Morning Lovelies!!!! for the five followers of this blog.. y'all know of my trials and tribulations with my hubsband over his constant traveling and our months long seperations... well.. this has all come to an end... he is HOME!!!! And Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllll.. I could NOT be happier!!! As you can see from my silly smile, I am all smiles... I feel like a weight has been lifted and life is back to normal... When we bought our house 3 years ago, I honestly pictured it like a love nest for two... In theory (maybe not reality) our two kids would be off on their own adventures ( this will happen....) and it would be the two of us and the dogs... so with him not there, I am feathering a nest for one.... but now hes back.... his job situation? a little hinky... but I will tell you... I can survive with one income and one man better than two incomes and no man.... So love on your hubsbands today!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Frozen Bribe

Girrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll... if you had told me when "Frozen" came out I would be using it as ammunition for my puppies I probably would have believed  you... I have told you about how this ONE TEST my students too THREE MONTHS AGO is making me look like some super schmuck of a teacher because they didn't show enough"growth"..... so now we have put a plan into action to basically... teach to this test... and bribery.... I am telling my puppies that if they can raise their winter score by 7 points in the spring.. they will get a "Frozen" party with popcorn... and soda.... and NO MORE TEST practice.... the practice is good... but I'm counting on Adel Dezeem to pull me through!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A blog inspiration...

Good Morning Lovelies.... today's outfit comes to us care of Amanda is the cutest little dresser and I am constantly stealing her looks... she had this outfit up on one of her "What I Wore Wednesday" posts... I loved the outfit soooooooooo much I went immediately to ebay and got the same shoes... her style is so adorable!!!! go check it out!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Whats happening in Mrs.Bruce's room??

!. a leprechaun came to our room on Monday... he kept moving around the room to get closer to the door and then he disappeared and left us clues where to find him... we never found him.. but we did find  his gold!!!!

Today is the first day of spring.. legend has it, if you stand an egg on its bottom you can balance it... it took some effort, but we did it!!! Science!! I've learned everything I know from Bill Nye!!!

and when I took this pic it was snowing!!!! Happy Spring!!! but now sunny and all is well....
Spring has sprung!!! And I could NOT be happier!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A cast of characters

Hey lovelies... No pics today as I am on jury duty.... But a post just the same.... There are people who have been in my kid and have shaped me so much and when you think about how that happened and the strengths you get from the people in your life... It's mind boggling.... Here are the cast if characters who have helped make me:
1. Diane Diane is my oldest sister... She is as strong as an oak tree and twice as stubborn... She had seen unspeakable trauma in her life but has not only survived... She 
S made her world better.... She is truly the strongest person I know

2. My dad.... My dad is about to be (80) shhhhhhhh!!!!!!! He's very touchy about it... And I will tell you... What this man has seen in 80 years... Swoosh!!!! But somewhere in those 80 years he raised five girls, taught me how to drive, put me through college, cared for my ailing mother up until she passed, gave me my religion and my faith, and made me laugh more than he knows..
3. Jane.... Jane is about as powerful as an atomic bomb.... I wish she knew it.... She has a little blanch Dubois in her... But she is a chameleon... She'll turn herself into what she needs to survive....
4. Terry..... Terry is my older sister too.... Terry will lead you through the fie, to the limit,, to the wall.... And she have you laughing your ass off while she does it.... She will NEVER give up on you....
5. Michelle... Michelle is always reaching for better... She wants better for herself, for her kids, for her family.... She is always reaching to be better she takes different roads to get there... But she wants what's best
6. Casey... Casey is in a tie for the funniest person I know... She is the ONE person who gets me inside outside and upside down.ahe looks like me , but has the personality if her dad... So she's headstrong... But smart....
7. Jack... The other person tied for funniest person I know... Jack is a better son than I am a mom. He reaches out for me whenever he sees me... He always scratches my back when he hugs me, he laughs at my stupid quotes from movies and sends me random quotes from my favorite tv shows.. He is the voice of reason when I'm hysterical....
8. Chris.... Chris gets it... He gets my sarcasm which I need.... Chris doesn't let me go... Ever... Even when I'm a tazmanian devil of stress or anger... He holds on.... He's such a good man and he makes me be a good woman..

If I wasn't typing this from my phone I could add pics  but I'm limited today... Who are your cast of characters???

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to my dad...

Every time I talk to my dad about my little blog, he always asks,"Why don't you talk about me in your blog??" So yesterday at breakfast he even gave me a topic... today is the anniversary of the day he stopped drinking...Now I know you are all saying, "Who would QUIT drinking on St. Patrick's Day??"  Well he doesn't really beat to anyone elses drum.... I remember when he went into the hospital back in 1977... I was so sad and I was crying.. he asked why I was so sad and I said I was afraid he wouldn't be back for Easter... he said they would let him go for Easter... back then, it was all inpatient... so my mom had all five of us girls all to herself... lucky? NOT!!!! But my dad has not had a drink from that day to this... and even when all of us are drinking and having fun, I asked him if it ever bothered him.. he said no... he doesn't miss it... hes a GREAT role model and someone to look up to for change for the positive.... so today's Pookapookpooka award goes to my dad!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

My love of TV

When you live in Illinois... the weather is funky about 67% of the time... so we are forced to do one of the following:
1. Go shopping
2. Watch TV
3 Exercise (Not ME.. but others...)
4. Watch sports
5. Read a book
6. Go out for coffee

My favorite is shopping and tv.... some shows for your consideration....

1. The Red Road...  if you watch "Game of Thrones" and miss the Khal... this show is for you... it also has Julianna Nicholson... she was a fav of mine in "Masters of Sex" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent"... and this show is GOOD!!!! (Sundance channel Thurs. 9:00)
2. Kroll ShowNick Kroll is the genius from "The League" and now with his show in its second season, he is very funny... you will like this show (Comedy Central Tues 8:00)
3. Bridezilla Boot Camp the bridezillas are back for season 2.. LOVE this show!! it makes my Friday great seeing other married couples in crisis!!!(WETV Friday 9:00)
4.  Lindsey  I had NO intention of watching the docudrama about Lindsey Lohan on Own... but then I watched the previews... Lindsey Lohan strikes me as a hug C U Next Tuesday who doesnt' care about anyone but herself... in the first episode she uses words like,"growth, centered, inner peace," but as we go, she is going to unravel... and I can't wait!!!!
5. The Little Couple the little couple has adopted this girl from India.. and I know this sounds bad... but I hate this girl... she cries all the time.. even the people at the orphanage were like, " Here you go!!" and then RAN... she is hard to handle... Bill and Jennifer are better than me!! I seriously would have given her back...( TLC Tuesday 8:00)

So look up some of these shows if you havent... good watching...
Have a  WONDERFUL weekend my friends!!! Spring is coming!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

67 outfits and nothing to wear

Girrrrrrrrrrllllllllllll.... did you ever feel like you wanted to take all your clothes, throw them in the garbage and start over?? Thats how I feel... I went through my clothes last night looking for an outfit to combat the bad outfits I've been throwing at you, and nothing!!! I want to wear little skinny jeans rolled up with oxfords or toms, but there is still 6 inches of snow on the ground....socks are definitely a requirement...
today I'm linking up with for her Tres chic fashion linkup!!!
Have a wonderful day my friends!!! Tomorrow is Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

its snowing..... AGAIN!!!!!

Good Morning Lovelies!!! Its Wednesday again.. the day we link up with Lindsey from and Sarah from Today's outfit was put together in like five minutes because of the snowstorm that hit our area last night... I was originally going to wear this Target dress that I got for 4. 26 (what?? right??) but in the too much information file... I went to Target for one thing.. underwear... so I got these underwear that were wedgie proof.. so I was like, "Great!! Lets get like 7 pairs!!" So I usually just get like cotton underwear, but these were like silky... and when I put on the dress, it literally showed every lump of fat in my body.... I blame the underwear!!! So the dress is not a total loss.. we just have to get a long sweater and we'll be all good.... so my outfit may not be blogworthy today... but with the 88 inches of snow we've gotten... its lucky I'm even sane..... Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday my friends.. and dont' forget to link up!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

why did you become a teacher?

If you had asked me why I became a teacher when I was 23 I would have said because its always what I wanted to do... I didn't necessarily love kids or thought I had a calling.. Its just what I wanted to do.... if you asked me when I was 33 I would have said because I think I'm good at it... it supports my family, I take pride in it, and through my travels, I've learned things that have made me better... now... at 43... teaching is so cloudy!!! I keep getting evaluated on ONE TEST my students took in December (3 months ago)... What is ironic... I really like this particular class... you can also use the word peculiar... they are a group I'll tell ya... one is like a lab puppy all day jumping on you, another is like auditioning for a Disney show all day long, another is obviously VERY used to getting all her parents attention all day and cannot understand why I'm not fascinated by every word that comes out of her mouth, another barely sleeps at night, and yet another looks like he should be in fifth grade and its easy to forget hes only 7.... but this motley crue has really grown on me... and I look at them as little beings that I affect every day... not a number on a computer...but my job depends on that number on the computer... so where does that leave them??? on the computer..... its  a sad state... Illinois I mean... SAD

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Mirror Monday...

Good Morning Lovelies!!! I took a few days off because my big mirror broke and I was unhappy with my pics... so my sister called me and was like, "Where are you? Why no blog??? " It does my heart good that someone misses my pookapookapooka!!!! So I give you 100% today!!! This top  I got at Ross... the poor man's Marshalls... Ross is a hit or miss... sometime you see these things that are wildly needed... and other times nothing.... I also must report... there is this thing in the sky today that I dont' recognize anymore.. its really big and hot and is shining... oh!! the sun!!! and I can actually feel it today!!! YAY!!!! This is the beginning of a good week~~~~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

We don't really have problems....

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllll... I have just about had it with winter... I am serious.... this winter has been A W F U L!!!! and the stresses of life dont' make it any easier... HOWEVER...Today I received an email about a lovely girl who I really didnt' know personally.... she was a regular sub in my building... she was 22 weeks pregnant with twins and lost both of them.... This is the most devastating thing I can imagine... we don't have real problems... this is a real problem... if you get a chance... think good thoughts for Stephanie today... she needs them...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OMG.. its snowing...... again.........

For my 5 readers of this blog... you may remember a post I put up about the summer me... I was so relaxed in that pic... I remember thinking, " Yeah... I'm laid back now it will do me good when the school year comes with all of its stress...." Little did I know how BAD this winter would be.... Every time an inch of snow melts, 5 more come to take its place.... But I am NOT complaining... Its Wednesday again!!! YAY!! that means our linkup with Lindsey over at and Sarah over at so that brightens my day!!