Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday in Fall

All the bloggers out there on the internets have been showing booties booties booties!!! So today's temp. out here is 61 for the high.. so its the perfect opportunity to bust out my little booties... the top I got from.. of course... Groopedealz... but the booties I got on Amazon... they were only 17.00.. not bad right?? 
Over the weekend I went to a vow renewel of a couple that got married 7 years ago...now I usually say vow renewels are for people who like to think their love is better than my love... but this vow renewel was kinda sweet... it put me in a good loving mode... So have a wonderful wonderful day and love on that hubsband/boyfriend/ girlfriend/!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Friday Gotta Get down on Friday

Where is my photographer?? Sleep!! This outfit is 100% inspired by Amanda from Goatandlulu.blogspot.com.. for some reason she is focusing on her recipes more than her clothes these days.. which is very upsetting because she eats so healthy and I am surviving on Keebler cheese crackers and peanut butter... but I digress... this is an outfit she put up over the summer... this outfit is so stinkin cute it is ridic!!!!
I went on Groopedealz (AGAIN.. .NOT addicted!!) and found the copy... now.. I tried it with the straight leg cropped, but it didn't look as good as the boot cut  I think cuz I'm a shawty.... 
Have a GREAT day today.. its been a five day work week and I worked every damn one of 'em!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What we're wearing, watching, reading...

ok... the sweater I admit is from Groopdealz... I MAY  be slightly addicted to Groopdealz.... There was this thing on facebook about how you know if Target means too much to you when you get excited every time you see a red  ball or a target.... thats kind of how I feel about that daily email from Groopdealz... I look forward to it... thats probably bad right????
I have been absent for so long I havent told you what we're watching and what we're reading...
First... this book.Won. Der.Ful!!!!! I haven't read such a good book in ages... I actually slowed down my reading so it would come to an end slower... great book!!!!
I just got this book in the mail... Entertainment Weekly who I pretty much live and die by recommended this book... so I hope it lives up to the hype...
Next,  another Entertainment Weekly recommendation... you can watch the pilot  now and the series drops today as well... this show is like the "House of Cards" of Amazon Prime...

 this show starts Oct. 15... it is supposed to be like both sides of a coin... I am psyched about it....

So theres some good shows to watch.. but seriously... go out and get "We Are Not Ourselves"... you'll thank me!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday!!!

Look at the difference a photographer makes!!!! I have missed so many WIWW's over at thepleatedpoppy.com and tuckerup.blogspot.com they probably won't take me... 
these jeans are gap straight cropped... my friend told me about them and raved about how much she loved them.. so I found them at Goodwill and got 'em!!!
The shoes I got on Amazon... they're fit flops... good for your heels.. but my foot binding gone bad feet reject any and all shoes... flats make my heels hurt... the fit flops bother the tops of my feet... uggggghhhhhhh!!!
Have a GREAT Wednesday my friends!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some housekeeping...

I got both this sign and the banner from Groopdealz... when I put it up last week, my students said," I like how you decorated the room!!"

I'm back in front of the fridge... I always liked in front of the fridge... and my photographer is BACK!! Yay!!!

yesterday was the first day of fall around here at about 7:27... so we stood an egg on its bottom... 

I got this top from where else?? Groopdealz!!! am I addicted to Groopdealz??? no!!! I can quit anytime I want!! I only use it when I'm stressed, or sad, or happy, or bored, or excited, or curious or any day that ends in y.... I am NOT addicted.... I just need to go on it right now...
Have a GREAT day today!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Back to Blogging Day

necklaces circle necklace Lia Sophia
longer necklace Target c/o Goodwill
pants: Marshalls 19.99
top: Target

Good Morning Lovelies!!!!!! I'm back from my extended hiatus... Like I said yesterday...I wanted to figure out a way to improve my pictures... you can see its still a work in progress:(
Whats funny is I actually have a little more freedom to do the blog because my class is so smart... they are really hard workers and really high...My class this year is different from last year's class... no wild puppies.... My job is to make sure they're challenged!!!
My biggest weakness as a teacher is record keeping... I'm really good at finding resources and even putting them into use... but the record keeping is where I fall short... my friend keeps telling me to record record record for data data data for my evaluation... thats what administrators love... DATA!!! So that is a big goal for me... record everything the students do and find    trends in the data.....Doesn't that sound fun??? Thats not why people get into first grade... but its whats going to keep me in first grade so I can get excellents on my eval!!!!!!
Sorry this blog post is so technical... these are the thoughts that go through my head every day....
aren't you glad I came back????

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Big love

Hey y'all!!! I am coming out of my blog funk and I have Stacey over at www.tumbleweedhouse.com for sendings a message to ask if I was ok... I am ok... I am stressed but ok.... My biggest stresses:
1. Hubs is looking for a job... He went for one job didn't get it... God has a plan for him.... But we don't know it yet....
2. I am getting evaluated this year but not until March... Yay!!!!!! But I gotta bring  it!!!! I have to be suuuuuuper teacher!!!!!
So I'm desperately trying to send out daily emails to my parents... Most if my witty comments usually reserved for the blog now go into my parents emails
 I know... Bad blogger!!!! Another reason I've been absent: I don't have anyone to take my pics.... I want good pics and I have to figure it out..... I don't want a substandard picture.... Soooo that's the reason I've been Mia..   But having someone as me why ... I was so touched!!! So thanks to Stacy... To quote frank costanza:" I'm back baby!!!!l