Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Halloween with no recess.... FRIGHTENING!!!!

Happy Halloween LOVELIES!!!! it is a RAINY one here... so my little monsters in first grade have to have indoor recess... is there anything more frightening than 23 hyper 6-7 year olds and no outlet to let it out??? I don't think so!!!! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Halloween... scary, spooky, and dark!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I wore Wednesday...

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllll... this is a pretty Godawful picture of me... thats ok.. it matches how I feel... crappy... Parent teacher conferences, Halloween, weather, report cards, ughghghghghhhh!!! but I made it for What I Wore Wednesday over at and even with my aches and pains and congestion... Hve a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo bombing at its finest...

Good Morning Lovelies!!! These are my OLD glasses and I'm wearing them because they are a little lighter onmy face... but I look like a NERD again today.... Today is day 2 of parent teacher conferences... uggghhh... oh well... my douche dog is behind me photobombing my picture... as usual...
Today we are all wearing neon for red ribbon week... " We are too bright for drugs!!"... so drugs today...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Girrrrrrrrrrrlllllll.. I would love to tell you I am wearing these glasses to be fashionable or look smart.. neither... My contact was bothering me so badly I told the eye dr. and she said I had to hand them in to get new contacts... uggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! it takes 7 whole days to get a new this day and age!!! I swear I think its coming by pony express!!!!I have parent teacher conferences this week so hopefully my parents will think I'm some kind of nerd teacher with my glasses and not harrass me too bad...Parent teacher conferenences are the WORST!!! They are so time consuming.... but we persevere!!! Today is the beginning of Red Ribbon Week... so remember: DRUG FREE!!!! Have a WONDERFUL week my lovelies!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A weekend in pictures....

First.. I got this chair (on the right) for 7.00 at Goodwill!!! SCORE!!!!

I've been very lacks on my "Look What I Got" over at this redeems me...

Nextnext  up.... I got this GREAT Pedi..... two different colors...

 I found this on another blog... after all the ups and downs of this marriage... I'm KEEPING HIM...
Last... I got one of those donuts for your hair to put in a bun... LOVE IT!!! highly recommended!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

For the love of God Friday... where are you????

Hey y'all.... I will tell you.. these five day work weeks are killers.. I wake up at 6:45... get out of bed at 6:55... and it is dark out... what am I going to do when we have daylight savings time??? I have been doing good this week with not taking my ambien every night... only Sunday... and I'm sleeping really well... but today its Thursday.. the shoes I'm wearing are technically slippers.. but whatever... my feet have endured enough for the week... they need a break... this weekend... I will be doing NOTHING!!!! I am changing my sheets, doing my laundry, and of COURSE Goodwill... but beyond that... sittin on my big butt!!! See why I need Friday????
Sweater: Target
Cords: Old Navy c/o Goodwill
Shoes: Target slippers (boys)
necklace: Groopdealz
Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday....

Good Morning Lovelies!!!! Its Wednesday again.. the day we linkup with Lindsey from and Sara from Some things I've been up to... Last night I watched "Crazy Sexy Cool.. the TLC story"... I have to give this a thumbs up!!! Loved all the 90's clothes.. songs.. TLC... who can turn this down???
they just look exactly like them.....
Next up... I have cooked a home cooked meal for jack and casey every day this week... go me!!! (One day was Stouffers enchiladas which technically Casey cooked.. but I'm counting it anyway)
Next... I went to Rue 21 and picked up the fabulous love love love wasn't too 19.99.. which is alot... but you know.. pooka pooka pooka... love love love... So to all my readers.. I send you LOVE LOVE LOVE.. especially my dad who grouched that I never write about him...LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesdays child

Good Morning Lovlies!!! It is a COLD day here in Illinois today!!! Almost needed the ice scraper!!! Today's post is for all my girls out there.... the gals that are in my life are having it ROUGH this month.. Just when you think your problems are the only problems that exist in the world people open up to you and tell you that that is not the case...One woman in my life is in rehab little beknownst to me or anyone else who knew her... another woman is contemplating quitting her job because the stress is so bad, another woman uninvited yours truly to Christmas because I only text... the drama!!! So I'm sending love out to all of my girls out there... women STRESS OUT alot... but we are wonderful creatures as we have the ability to commiserate and heal one another with our words.. Just when I thought NOONE could possibly have it worse than me, I find out I'm not the center of the universe.. huh....

Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm a pillar you're a pillar.. wouldn't you like to be a pillar too??

Hey y'all.. here is me.. along with our superintendent and our librarian.. our school got recognized for having the highest isat scores in the district in reading and math!! Now.. what do you get for this? a pillar pin... I, along with the entire staff of my school are pillars... whats a pillar you ask? Heck if I know.. but you can bet your butt I'll brag about it left right sideways and upside down...
"Uhhhhhhh... excuuuuuuuuuuse me... but I'm a pillar... so I'll need to step to the front of the line...
yeah.. I' m a pillar.. so I wont' be doing the dishes anymore...
excuuuuuuuuuuuse me... but I'm a pillar..... so.. yeah... you might want to just give me that raise... thaaaaaaaannnks!!!!"

Evolution of a fight... Evolution of a relationship...

Boots: DSW
Jeans: Target Skinny
Top: Target
Scarf: Rue21

Good Morning Lovelies!!! It is a cold blustery day here in Illinois... I had a very emotional weekend... Friday the hubs and I went out to dinner.. it started with an annoyance of him being on the phone and then a full on fight and then some breakthroughs.. all at the Superossa!!! The people next to us must have been like, " These two whack jobs need a marriage counselor!!"... Some revelations were uncovered... I told him whenever he leaves he acts like hes so happy to leave and when hes there hes going on and on about how great everything is and in my mind I'm taking it as hes happy to be away from ME.. he said, no.. he gets depressed when  hes away but he doesn't share that with me because he doesn't want me to know how miserable he can get... I'm like, " I NEED to know how miserable you are!!" ( I know this sounds bad... but you know misery loves company).. I told him I needed to hear that he was sad to be away from us or I think hes just happy happy joy joy to be gone... its the perception in my head... So we made a breakthrough there... some other breakthrough about how we need to see each other and needed to start skyping and how we need to spend family time together so we can ALL connect... its easy to just go off to another room, and we need to make a genuine effort to keep connected to one another... We are a family and we always will be... These three people, Jack, Casey, and Chris are the Pooka Pooka Pooka this blog is named after... they are the most important things to me and always will be...
Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

a blog inspired outfit...

Good Morning Lovelies!!!! This outfit is straight from the bloggers community... All my blogger friends out there all have:
1. the animal print sweater
2. the gingham button down
3. the booties
So put all together and you have the vision before you... THANK YOU INTERNET!!!!

As many of you know the government shutdown is over... so my hubsband is going back to Virginia on Monday... I am sad of course.. however...we need to give God some credit here... I mean come on... who ever heard of a government shutdown?!! God brought Chris back to me many many many times.. HE really is the one who saves me over and over... back in 2008 Chris worked in Virginia and hurt his ankle resulting in surgery...resulting in multiple blood clots in his lung... he was brought back home... now hes back... and a government shutdown has brought him home...
Steve Carell Evan Almighty
I don't know if any of you ever saw "Evan Almighty" with Steve Carrell... its about a guy who wants to run for government but of course God has other plans.. it really spoke to me especially since we watched it in the hospital while my hubs was in for the blood clots... God has plans for me He has plans for Chris...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllll.. I love me some Groopdeals!!!! This shirt brought to you right from I love Groopdealz.. but they are addicting!!!! Today of course is our linkup with and for thier What I Wore WEdnesdays....Have a LOVELY day my friends!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MyHalloween fireplace

The 13 nights of Halloween was just happenstance... Casey's fav Halloween movie is
"Halloweentown 2"... its gettin spooky in herrrrr....

Making up for Lost Time...

Hey y'all... I had Columbus Day off so of course you know I only shower on Blog days... but I did take lots of pics on my day off... Today's outfit comes to you care of Dots... who apparently were way ahead of their time two years ago when I got this faux leather vest there... little did I know the faux leather trend was coming....(is that my bra in the background??? uggghhhh!!!!)

Today's guest? MY big pile of laundry....I try people... I try....

Colby... Big giant baby..

I went to the Goodwill in Lemont and got this great chest.... 74.99... not bad right??/

I went to Binny's and found this wine just in time for Halloween... they have all kinds of Halloween wines but they all sound gross.. this one was quite nice...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some more Pleated Poppy blogs to follow...

Hey y'all... Saturdays and Sundays are like rest days for the  cothepleatedpoppy.commmunity so these are the perfect days to check out other cool blogs these are some cute ones from cute clothes and great ideas for thrifty living...

ccmcafeperspectivewiw.blogspot.comPerspective... What I'm Wearing
this gal has been a fav of mine for while now.. she is all about the ootd.... she has really good pics and the outfits are really unique....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Flannel linkup

Hey y'all.. its Friday again!!! Today I am linking up with for her flannel Friday linkup.... I chose this outfit especially for the linkup....
On other frustrating fronts... my dog.. seen here.. is really acting like a jerk!!!! I dont' know if hes not getting enough attention or what.. but he is peeing on the floor, escaping out of the yard and fighting... I don't know if its right to call a dog an asshole, but this dog is sure acting like one... I have to go to Menards and  figure something out to keep him in check...  I know when he goes outside he is just telling my other two dogs, " You think this yard is big? Really??? I've been out there, and trust me, other dogs have it WAAAAY better than we do... We are getting ripped off!!!!!" and then he encourages them to escape with him.... JERK!!! So more "Dog Whisperer" for me this w/end....
As this is a long w/end for me Hopefully that means sales sales sales at Salvation Army... if I bring in the motherload, I'll post pics... Have a WONDERFUL weekend my friends!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A new blog to follow

Look at this gal....char... She's from and pooka fully supports this blog!!!! She made a lovely comment only little blog and I went on her blog and she has a linkup, great clothes, great comments.... In a word.... Adorbs!!!! So go check her out!!!

How important is sex?

****the views expressed by Suzanne do not reflect the views of the average pooka reader... pooka does not condone or support these ideas... theres my disclaimer for those offended...

But really.. how important is sex??? I would say VERY VERY VERY important... and not for the reason you may think... sex is so important because without the physical intimacy it is easy to feel hostile... when someone's physical needs or desires are being met by another person the bond gets really strong... I feel that when sex goes because of distance like in my case its easy for me to turn off to my hubsband... its really easy for me to dismiss him... but when we are physically close and intimate I feel closer to him and it makes me want to love him and want to be nice to him... Dr. Phil says sex can be 90% of your issues or 10% of your issues.... very true.....
I am layering up today.. the temp this am is about 65 degrees... by noon it will be like 73 so I'll have to lose the sweater... Have a FABULOUS day today my friends!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Are booties for everyone??

Girrrrrrrrrrrrlllllll.. there is a bootie revolution going on in the blog world... every blogger has the booties.. so of course.. I went out and found like 3 pairs that I liked.. however.. when you are 5 foot nothing booties are a little questionable.. and you should see the booties I got.. cute... but these legs weren't made for walkin in booties... but I did anyway... the bootie boogie is ON!!!
and of course.. y'all know what day it is.... what I wore Wednesday!!!! so go over to and

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keepin it REAL... real messy

My very special guest today???? Casey's massive laundry!!! Yay!!!! Once again.. it comes to you no charge... you know.. this blog may not be the glossiest or the most helpful with the recipes and such.. but gosh darnnit we keep it real!!!! Today the fighting is over... once again.. peace has been restored to the home.. my pledge to not make "Masters Of Sex" my sole sexual satisfaction... not happening... I watched it last night.. its all thats going on in the house..with two teenagers, three dogs, a demanding job... we will have to be creative my friends.... Have a LOVELY day!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Warning: this post contains profanity

*** The opinions expressed in this blog do not reflect the opinions of the average Pooka reader... Pookapookapooka does not condone or promote any such views...

Girrrrrrlllll.... I told you marriage was harrrrrdddd!!! And it ain't getting no easier trust me... But today... I discovered something... Sometimes, not that often you get into a fight and you get to just YELL and SCREAM and say " fuck you!!!!" And do I feel bad? NO!!!! It made me feel good to just yell and scream because I'm maaaaaddd!!! And I am so sick of trying to be nice.... The last dirrrrty fight I told you about was over text and even though you can say what you want a good ol' fashioned fight is sometimes just what you need.... Now I'm not saying all is happy happy joy joy.. But at least some pressure has been relieved... Sometimes I scream you scream is just what It takes to keep the wheels greased....

**** the opinions expressed by Suzanne do not express the opinion of the group

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some more cute blogs...

hey y'all... you know how  devoted I am to Lindsey over at well her "Whllat I Wore Wednesday" is all about the fun blogs out there... here are a few more cute ones... cute outfits.. cute pics... these two are mother and daughter and I can't tell which is which.. both are fashionistas!!!
My she is super cute.. has a linkup.. and great OOTD's!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Adjustment tantrums...

Top: Limited c/o Goodwill
Pants: Walmart
Shoes: Trget

Good Morning Lovelies!!!! I am in all black today.. not for any mourning reason.. just to try and look skinnier... My hubsband came home yesterday and there is a period of adjustment going on... this is how it works... you've been living together for a while.. like 19 years... then someone takes a job out of state and is gone for lets say 3 months... so you develop a new normal.. I have my two kids, my three dogs, my lovely television shows... my Goodwill, My Salvation Army, my Target... this replaces the person... then the person comes back... now all those things you treasure because you have been forced to get a back seat... so you have to adjust.. theres no room in the drawer for his shaving stuff... theres no room fo his stuff... well sorry I didn't build a shrine while you were gone... and the part that makes it ever more frustrating?? Hes leaving as soon as the government goes back to work....So.... we persevere.... On the less brighter side... my day off from my class turned sour for the poor substitute who said my class was the worst class shes ever had.... We gotta alot work to do!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Volunteer Blogger

Look at this girrrrrlll!!!! She came home from work and curled her herrrrrr.... Here she is in all her glory... she is a volunteer guest blogger as I have to take tomorrow off to take Jack to the orthodontist so that means no shower... no picture... good thing Casey came in to save the day!!