Friday, January 30, 2015

This is what a five day work looks like..

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllll.. does it look like I'm in my pajamas or what?? I can't seem to get myself out of these shoes.. they are like slippers..
This has been another five day work week and I worked EVERY DAMN ONE OF 'EM!!! My evaluation is in March so I gotta pull out all the stops... 
Do we have big plans for Super Bowl Weekend?? No... I didn't even buy squares... What I'm actually hoping to do is sneak off to Ross and Goodwill during the game while my hubsband is knee deep in meatballs and lil smokies... thats how you celebrate Super Bowl!!!!
Have a GREAT Super Bowl Weekend!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

plaid take 2

Good Morning!!! Its Thursday of this neverending week!!!Today's look? Comfort...these shoes are the fitflop seen  here and I highly recommend these shoes... they are wildly comfortable especially on days where the high is 32 and its snowing basically ice...
Now.. if you are not aware of it.. The Americans  is back on Wednesday nights 9:00 Central... so I watched the first episode last night... we are really ramping up for an exciting season... if you watch this show you will know Stan our FBI American is a real JERK!!! I HATE Stan which makes me root for the Russians... we are NOT supposed to root for the Russians... we need a better American... not just because our Russian Philipis super hot!!!! so I'm torn... but I'm ALL IN!!!
For your entertainment today I am also including this clip from Kroll Show which was on Tuesday night.. congraturitos is my new favorite word!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I wore Wednesday..

Good Wednesday to you!!! Wednesday is linkup day.... Today I get to go over to and and try to get some inspiration!!! 
I had a dream last night that I was in a play about getting married and all my friends and family came out to see me... it was kind of like, "Tony and Tina's Wedding" where it was interactive... it seems horrible in real life but in the dream I was totally into it... I didn't want to wake up because the dream was so good... thats whats hard about dreaming... when you wake up, you want to go back and pick up from where you left off, but you can't... the dream goes in some horrible lame direction and you get sick of it... at least thats how my dreams go... you can't pick your dreams or try to direct them.. then they turn on you...I know.. very inception right??? but thats what Wednesday brings out in me...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some Random secrets....

1. Last week we celebrated Cooper's 4th birthday... now that same day I found a picture on facebook of Cooper's sister... her owner put her birthday as December 22... not January 21... now my daughter SWEARS his birthday is December 22... We all kaboshed her and said, "NO... its JANUARY!!!!" (shhhhhhhhhhh... don't tell Casey she was right...)

I swear when life gets to me I go to Hobby Lobby and look at the letttttterrrrrrrrrrssss!!!! LOVE THE LETTERS!!!!!

every time I take the pic in front of the mirror I turn on the hall light in hopes of waking my hubsband.... no luck today... stayed asleep.....

Monday, January 26, 2015

What are we watching...

Happy Monday Lovelies!!! Am I happy its Monday?? NO... but we persevere.....Over the weekend a friend had suggested a new show to me... "The Fall" on Netflix... now I don't know if y'all are on to this show yet... but GET ON BOARD!!! it is great....Here is the argument for it...
1. Jamie Dornan
now you may know this hot man from "Fifty Shades of Grey"..but with this show.. you get 12 doses of him.. all hot!!!!
2. this show is set in Ireland and the accents are  very nice to listen to...
3. this gal is 46 years old... looking GREAT!!!!
4.  each season is only 6 episodes long so this is a minor commitment for those of you who say, " I CAN'T do another show.."

so get on board..
On other fronts... I have been inspired to Valentine up my living room... heres where we're at...

I got the banner from my happy place, Hobby Lobby... its where I go when I feel overwhelmed by the cold nasty world... the music calms me much like it does  with wild animals... the music soothes me.....I found the pillows at Barnes and Noble... which is great because as we all know.... Liz over at has them seen here:

Simple Cozy Cottage Living Room - lizmarieblog.comshowed these pillows at Christmas time and I found them at Barnes and Noble.. so my delight at seeing them for Valentines Day could  not be unparalleled!!!
oh... and going back up to the top... if it looks like I"m trying to stand up as straight as possible and suck in my gut... its because I was sucking it in!!!!! 
Have a great Monday!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mission FAILED

Remember a loooooong time ago(Last Tuesday) when I comically said I had too many clothes and I was going to not shop for clothes for a month? Well it turns out I can NOT make declarations like that and go to Target.... Target has and additional 20%off their clothing with the Target Cartwheel app... so my foolish little idea of not shopping was squashed like a bug....
but when you see a coat like this
 for like 8.00.... What are you supposed to do?? Just pass it up for some little pledge you made to yourself and your three readers??? I'm sorry.... but I can't... I have been stalking this red and black plaid number for a while now... I can't just pass it up.... Whats more important... self control or pretty clothes???? obviously...pretty clothes!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Good Morning Lovelies... Its Wednesday... that means "What I Wore Wednesday" over at, and One of the blogs I go to all the time is is this fashionista who looks like a real life mannequin because her body is so perfect.. but she puts up trends coming up on her blog... one of her big trends for spring is fringe... so when I saw this kimono at Target I scooped it up!!! I have gotten other kimonos that were a little shorter.. this one is a tad more figure flattering for those of us that are height challenged and weight challenged.. this covers everything... and also.. for those shawties out there like me... the little booties are like my new go to...the knee high boots are wonderful to cover all the bad.. but the little booties make my leg a little longer.. a little skinnier... and the pointed toe doesn't hurt either... so see?? I'm all pulled together today!!!!
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Too many clothes???

Yesterday I had a terrible thought... "Do I have TOO many  clothes???"... is that possible?? ughghghgh!!!! I think I do... now.. if I had bigger closets I would not have too many clothes...but my closet is tiny....yesterday and Sunday I did all my laundry.. and girrrrrrrrrrlllll.. its easier to keep those clothes dirty..I gave a bag to Goodwill and a bag to my daughter... the problem with my clothes situation is my clothes arent' organized and I forget what I have or I don't see outfits.. just pieces... its not hard to scale down, but when I see other bloggers I need to switch it up... I keep telling myself to shop my own closet shop my own closet... so that is my new goal... to shop my own closet for one month.. so no clothes from now to February 20... can I do it?? ughhgh... we'll see... one day at a time... 

Friday, January 16, 2015

an oldie but a goodie...

Girrrrrrrrrrrrl... this look says, "turtlenecks are your friend..." I got this vest about a million years ago at Dots.. remember Dots?? Where did you go Dots??? I miss you!!! 
Tonight I am actually going out to see "American Sniper" ... very psyched....
I looked at the Academy Award nominations... w..t...h!!!  I've literally seen 2 movies on the list... Gone Girl and Foxcatcher... by the looks of it we all need to see "Birdman"...  that looks like its going to sweep the awards... but I have talked enough about awards....Have a glorious weekend my friends!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Shows Review...

Hey all... you know I believe it is my duty to look at all new and continuing shows on TV and report out... so I watched the new HBO show "Togetherness" last night... now I am a big Mark Duplass fan...hes on "The League", he was in a movie, "The One I Love" with Elizabeth Moss and he wrote "Togetherness" with his brother who is one of the actors on  "Transparent" now that I've given you the entire history of this family... I'll continue... ok.. now.. it seems that these brothers or one of them has a common theme of "Why don't you want to have sex with me anymore?" good relationships on the skids... its a valid question because I think all  marriages go through this slump for one reason or another... its not a lack of love or affection, its just a block .... now the show was funny.. I'll keep watching... but at the moment.. I'm torn between is this show funny or serious???
Moving on.. I watched the new episode of "Shameless" on Showtime... this SHOW!!! it bothers me on so many levels I dont 'even know where to begin, and yet I keep watching... I dont' know if I watch to see the characters crash and burn or if I'm really into this show.... but there is so much I need to just fast forward.... 1. anything with Frank...  FAST FORWARD!!!!!!! not interested!!! anything with Debbie...FAST FORWARD.... and WHY does Fiona always have to have a boss that she is in an affair with? why??  Get a new storyline.... this is getting boring,..and if this show wants me to look at a gay relationship like its just a normal thing.. why oh why do they make THIS relationshiop as screwed up as possible????
 I dont' know if is some kind of heart of gold bad boy.. but this is no heart of gold.. in fact, it seems he has NO heart... this character couldn't be MORE unlikable... and the other character is suffering from manic depression... doesn't really speak to the homosexual community as far as showing a loving homosexual couple...
see my frustration??? I love/HATE this show!!! WHY am I watching?? I ask myself every Monday!!!
One show I know exactly why I 'm watching is Celebrity Apprentice...loving it!!!!!
and I also have to confess... tv has gotten so bad and this is award show season so alot of my shows get paused for these ridiculous award shows.... I have turned to MeTV for "The Carol Burnett Show and Antenna ( what channel is that?? i dont' know but you've probably got it...) for WKRP in Cincinnatti... this show is getting me through the winter...
Now.. before I go.. one more show I reviewed..."Married at First Sight: the first year" We're only watching this show for Doug and Jamie (far right) Jamie didnt' really like Doug, but then he basically said "how high" whenever she said, "jump!:" so she started falling for him... now... she wants a baby and hes like, "Wait.. if we have a baby, we may never have sex again.... NO!" and shes like, "whaaaaaaattt???? who taught you how to say no?" so thats the dynamic.... check it out... skip Shameless.... watch "Married at first sight: the first year"