Sunday, September 21, 2014

Big love

Hey y'all!!! I am coming out of my blog funk and I have Stacey over at for sendings a message to ask if I was ok... I am ok... I am stressed but ok.... My biggest stresses:
1. Hubs is looking for a job... He went for one job didn't get it... God has a plan for him.... But we don't know it yet....
2. I am getting evaluated this year but not until March... Yay!!!!!! But I gotta bring  it!!!! I have to be suuuuuuper teacher!!!!!
So I'm desperately trying to send out daily emails to my parents... Most if my witty comments usually reserved for the blog now go into my parents emails
 I know... Bad blogger!!!! Another reason I've been absent: I don't have anyone to take my pics.... I want good pics and I have to figure it out..... I don't want a substandard picture.... Soooo that's the reason I've been Mia..   But having someone as me why ... I was so touched!!! So thanks to Stacy... To quote frank costanza:" I'm back baby!!!!l

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