Monday, September 22, 2014

Back to Blogging Day

necklaces circle necklace Lia Sophia
longer necklace Target c/o Goodwill
pants: Marshalls 19.99
top: Target

Good Morning Lovelies!!!!!! I'm back from my extended hiatus... Like I said yesterday...I wanted to figure out a way to improve my pictures... you can see its still a work in progress:(
Whats funny is I actually have a little more freedom to do the blog because my class is so smart... they are really hard workers and really high...My class this year is different from last year's class... no wild puppies.... My job is to make sure they're challenged!!!
My biggest weakness as a teacher is record keeping... I'm really good at finding resources and even putting them into use... but the record keeping is where I fall short... my friend keeps telling me to record record record for data data data for my evaluation... thats what administrators love... DATA!!! So that is a big goal for me... record everything the students do and find    trends in the data.....Doesn't that sound fun??? Thats not why people get into first grade... but its whats going to keep me in first grade so I can get excellents on my eval!!!!!!
Sorry this blog post is so technical... these are the thoughts that go through my head every day....
aren't you glad I came back????

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