Saturday, July 18, 2015

My favorite activity... decorating...

Over this summer I have done so much decorating... it is my creative outlet, during the school year I like to go on Teacherspayteachers, look at the creations and try to recreate what I can for free... well some killjoy at my district has put up restrictions so I cannot download any fonts... So I have to use my home laptop to create some docs.... which is a pain because then I have to switch over, blah blah blah... whatever... so I've clicked it over to decorating.... I can't take credit for all of it though.. as you know I stalk  follow  worship  and I definitely do try hard to recreate anything she does... but the big B in the pic above?? Came from this guy...
 who took me to Hobby Lobby on my birthday and told me "Shoot the WORKS!!!! (as long as it was between 25-35.00)  He picked the B and I LOVE IT!!!
Yesterday I went to 2 different Goodwills... now.. I spent a total of 47.00... got the little lantern with the plant, some clothes, this lamp..
... Goodwill is hooking me UP this month... its my birthday month which means I get 25% off one time purchase... I went on the 15th, got a 10% off coupon, and then got another 25% off coupon to use between the 16th and the 18th... PLUS I got a 5.00 off coupon!!! Membership HAS its benefits!!!! So you know my love of all things Goodwill... Get up and GO!!!!

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