Sunday, February 9, 2014

Five for .Friday linkup

I'm linking up with for her Five for Friday linkup...
1. Bring on the Valentines spirit!!! Even though my sweetheart is not her for me to love on... I am still trying to spread the love!!!

 here is the 787th picture of my bed... my name is Suzanne and I am addicted to comforters... I got this one at Goodwill for 40.00... 
ok.. add an addiction to letterrrrrrrrrrrs!!!! I found this one at Marshalls and I loved it... very industrial....
This week was hundreds day!!! Look at the tower my puppies made with 100 cups.... 
See the boots in this pic? GONE!!! This dog

who looks sooooooooooo innocent... chewed them!!!! He has about 45 bones and chews my boots!!! ughghghhgh!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love your heart sweater! I need one of those!
    BUMMMER about your boots, and I love letters too!
    Thanks for linking up at WIW Sunday! Happy to have you aboard!