Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Massacre...

I need to start this post with I have always LOVED Valentines Day... I really have... I know some people think its a Hallmark holiday...I am NOT one of those people... but this year... this year has been so hard for me to see the love... I always make my husband celebrate Valentines and hes not here.... so I am going out with my son... that isn't bad.. I"m grateful for him.... but the entire month of February has been honestly a nightmare of stress.... my district is in crisis... I am running for union rep or secretary, I haven't decided yet... I still have a mountain of snow in my driveway, and my husband's return to Illinois? hmmmm... good question..... to put a cherry on this great month so far... today I got a ticket!!! in the game of " you think your life is bad?" I'm winning.....Happy Valentines Day my friends!!!! I DO love all of you for stopping by and listening to my rants... this blog is my very special valentine!!!!

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