Monday, February 24, 2014


Good Morning Lovelies... I'm back from the semi dead... If anyone asked me "what animal do you think you are?" I could honestly answer "dog"... my dog has bitten me so many times we're practically related.....his injuries from the fight FAR outweigh mine... (if you look you can see my gross hand) We went to the vet on Saturday and he got stitches and staples all up and through... I'm telling you.. he is his own worse enemy.... so the vet is all,"He'll be asleep for most of the day and night".. NOT... hes like the Hulk... he slept for like a half an hour!!! But I'll tell you... he is shellshocked... thats for sure... Brady is a bit of a diva.. he never slept in a crate, only the bed.. whenever you would try to put him in a crate he would have like a panic attack and start sweating... my other two.. LOVE their crates.. its like their crib.... so this morning.. I go into my room after my shower to see this...... Brady in Cooper's crate... this is a FIRST!!!! I think he was too scared to jump on the bed for fear of  hurting himself.... but hes tough.. .he'll get through it.. some advice the vet gave me for future rumbles... he has to wear a harness... that way if he does fight, he can be pulled up and pulled at a place that isn't near his mouth...also, no bones for Colby... they are too tempting for all dogs... if you've ever seen or witnessed a dog fight, it is seriously the most
horrifying, frightening thing you can experience...the vet said it can't be prevented and it can't be cured... I'm hoping it stays in Brady's memory for a while... but now we heal... we heal.. we start over... hopefully smarter!!!

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