Monday, August 12, 2013

The Great Table Experiment of 2013-14

                                           View from the back of the room

                                        View from the front of the room.... I don't have a teacher desk... I use the kidney table as my "desk"

Hey y'all!!! I'm back from my blogging hiatus... and here I am.. here is what I've been doing while y'all are out on vacation, having babies, loving on your hubsbands.... I'm chained to this classroom... here it is... I took out all the desks and replaced them with tables.. now school hasn't even started yet and I already know I'll NEVER go back to desks!!! I love the tables... I put a bookcase on the end of each table with three baskets on top for glue (green) pencils(red) and scissors (blue).. on the shelves below I placed another green  basket for crayons, a wire basket for binders, a tub for two pocket folders, and a bin for journals... I also have 2 sets of mailboxes.. one for take home notes and finished work.. another for Daily 5 work and unfinished work... so am I prepared??? Who knows!!! I did a school tour of all the classrooms in my building and some are SUPER cute... very pinterested up.... so I gotta deliver.... But I've got some tricks up my sleeve... Glad to be back here on my blog... Love you as always for stopping by!!!

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  1. it looks great!!! i love the big tables instead of desks!