Thursday, August 22, 2013


Ugggggggghhhhhhh.. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllll.. I KNOW.. I have been slacking like a beast on this blog.... In my own defense... I have noone to take my pics which is why you see the selfie in front of you...since my blogs were a big depressball of stress I had to stop bringing my people down... since I last spoke to you.. what was that? Last Friday... yes... if we remember correctly that was my first day of school and I was MAD because my hubsband wasn't here... so Friday.. MAD. Saturday.. MAD... just getting madder and madder... Saturday called hubsband and said, "Don't bother coming home for Labor Day.. we'll just fight, I hate you.. blah blah blah... so it continually gets worse on Saturday and Sunday.. Monday we have another fight and I'm like, " If you refuse to make a decision on how to come back here and keep this living arrangement.. we should just divorce"... Do I want a divorce?? NO!!! but I don't want this either... so... Monday I am ready to call the lawyer, split our stuff up, get on Match.Com and declare myself a cougar.... so Tuesday I call hubs and tell him all of this... some kind of breakthrough was made... I do love him.. I want to be with him... I HATE this job... but I can't leave my marriage over it.. so we talked last night after all the carnage and decided to recommit to this marriage... what does that mean? ok.. first... seeing each other as much as possible.. me go there.. he comes here... seeing how this job goes for like 6 months.. at least make it through training... then we can evaluate.. to move there.. to stay here... we'll see what happens... Marriage is HARD!!! I swear.. it is NOT for the faint of heart.. thats for sure!!!!

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