Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A cast of characters

Hey lovelies... No pics today as I am on jury duty.... But a post just the same.... There are people who have been in my kid and have shaped me so much and when you think about how that happened and the strengths you get from the people in your life... It's mind boggling.... Here are the cast if characters who have helped make me:
1. Diane Diane is my oldest sister... She is as strong as an oak tree and twice as stubborn... She had seen unspeakable trauma in her life but has not only survived... She 
S made her world better.... She is truly the strongest person I know

2. My dad.... My dad is about to be (80) shhhhhhhh!!!!!!! He's very touchy about it... And I will tell you... What this man has seen in 80 years... Swoosh!!!! But somewhere in those 80 years he raised five girls, taught me how to drive, put me through college, cared for my ailing mother up until she passed, gave me my religion and my faith, and made me laugh more than he knows..
3. Jane.... Jane is about as powerful as an atomic bomb.... I wish she knew it.... She has a little blanch Dubois in her... But she is a chameleon... She'll turn herself into what she needs to survive....
4. Terry..... Terry is my older sister too.... Terry will lead you through the fie, to the limit,, to the wall.... And she have you laughing your ass off while she does it.... She will NEVER give up on you....
5. Michelle... Michelle is always reaching for better... She wants better for herself, for her kids, for her family.... She is always reaching to be better she takes different roads to get there... But she wants what's best
6. Casey... Casey is in a tie for the funniest person I know... She is the ONE person who gets me inside outside and upside down.ahe looks like me , but has the personality if her dad... So she's headstrong... But smart....
7. Jack... The other person tied for funniest person I know... Jack is a better son than I am a mom. He reaches out for me whenever he sees me... He always scratches my back when he hugs me, he laughs at my stupid quotes from movies and sends me random quotes from my favorite tv shows.. He is the voice of reason when I'm hysterical....
8. Chris.... Chris gets it... He gets my sarcasm which I need.... Chris doesn't let me go... Ever... Even when I'm a tazmanian devil of stress or anger... He holds on.... He's such a good man and he makes me be a good woman..

If I wasn't typing this from my phone I could add pics  but I'm limited today... Who are your cast of characters???

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