Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to my dad...

Every time I talk to my dad about my little blog, he always asks,"Why don't you talk about me in your blog??" So yesterday at breakfast he even gave me a topic... today is the anniversary of the day he stopped drinking...Now I know you are all saying, "Who would QUIT drinking on St. Patrick's Day??"  Well he doesn't really beat to anyone elses drum.... I remember when he went into the hospital back in 1977... I was so sad and I was crying.. he asked why I was so sad and I said I was afraid he wouldn't be back for Easter... he said they would let him go for Easter... back then, it was all inpatient... so my mom had all five of us girls all to herself... lucky? NOT!!!! But my dad has not had a drink from that day to this... and even when all of us are drinking and having fun, I asked him if it ever bothered him.. he said no... he doesn't miss it... hes a GREAT role model and someone to look up to for change for the positive.... so today's Pookapookpooka award goes to my dad!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

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