Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OMG.. its snowing...... again.........

For my 5 readers of this blog... you may remember a post I put up about the summer me... I was so relaxed in that pic... I remember thinking, " Yeah... I'm laid back now it will do me good when the school year comes with all of its stress...." Little did I know how BAD this winter would be.... Every time an inch of snow melts, 5 more come to take its place.... But I am NOT complaining... Its Wednesday again!!! YAY!! that means our linkup with Lindsey over at and Sarah over at so that brightens my day!!

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  1. So happy to brighten your day! I feel you about the teacher stress! Ahhh! We have state testing in four weeks and all of us teachers are stressed to the max!

    Thanks for linking up!