Wednesday, March 12, 2014

its snowing..... AGAIN!!!!!

Good Morning Lovelies!!! Its Wednesday again.. the day we link up with Lindsey from and Sarah from Today's outfit was put together in like five minutes because of the snowstorm that hit our area last night... I was originally going to wear this Target dress that I got for 4. 26 (what?? right??) but in the too much information file... I went to Target for one thing.. underwear... so I got these underwear that were wedgie proof.. so I was like, "Great!! Lets get like 7 pairs!!" So I usually just get like cotton underwear, but these were like silky... and when I put on the dress, it literally showed every lump of fat in my body.... I blame the underwear!!! So the dress is not a total loss.. we just have to get a long sweater and we'll be all good.... so my outfit may not be blogworthy today... but with the 88 inches of snow we've gotten... its lucky I'm even sane..... Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday my friends.. and dont' forget to link up!!!!

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