Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I know I've been MIA the past couple days.. but there is a reason and a story....
Friday... Jack and I went to Target and as we were driving away, the car stopped and wouldn't start up... I am FREAKING OUT blaming Jack for doing something as he was the one driving..... so I call a tow truck, and the KIA dealership tells me they can pick up the car Saturday morning but they can't look at it until Monday... that means no car.... ok... so Friday night I am SOOOOOOOOO MAD and who do I take my anger out on?? Who else?? Chris!!!! he should be here to help me!!! If I have to do EVERYTHING myself why am I even married??????? So I am sending evil texts to him telling him how much he sucks and told him not to contact me!!! So Saturday goes... Sunday I get a text from him telling me he was super sick and he had to leave the training in Colorado to go back to Virginia and then he was coming home.... so we talked and he is coming home.. if he goes back for extended periods... I can't tell you we will stay together... this has been going on for 8 months now...and I am DONE..... during this time I have been getting the message from God not to worry about today.... He will either rescue me from danger or give me unyielding strength to get through it.... He has NOT disappointed..... When I got my car back the guy said the fuel injector on the car had not been installed properly from the factory and he was surprised it lasted as long as it did... now lets look at how it happened.... on a Friday night, in a Target parking lot, safe and sound and not on a highway in the middle of the week.....thats God..... my husband's story... God is telling him something... He truly is... but he has to find it himself.... I saw God's work all through my car fiasco and I am blessed.... through all of my bitching, whining, and complaining... God has either rescued me from danger or given me unyielding strength to deal with it.... Look for God today.. I'll bet you find Him.... Have a wonderful day my friends!!!!

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