Monday, March 31, 2014

One ends... another begins....

Well... as my "Walking Dead" fans know.... last night  was our finale... and a juicy one at that.... T E R M I N U S!!!! now we have to wait until October... BUT...we have "Mad Men" on  the horizon.... BRING ON MY DON DRAPER!!!! I  have missed him so!!!!! Not to mention "Game of Thrones".... BRING ON MY DRAGONS!!!!! I am super excited about the new tv coming... I remember back in the day when you only had like three channels and you had to wait all year for a show... now  we are so lucky.. we have  all these great shows all the time... it makes me so happy because as you know TV is my life.... I unabashedly LOVE my shows... so if you are depressed/... take comfort in the fact that Jon Hamm will soon be on your TV screen looking FINE AS HELL!!!!!!

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