Thursday, October 23, 2014

a 45 year old grandma vs. a 40 year old mama

Hey all!! Its Thursday.. almost Friday... I had to showcase my little shoes today because Katie over at had them on this week and she looked super cute so I had to wear them!!! Here is what she looked like in them... how adorable is she???
So anyway.... on my mind for the past couple of weeks....
A friend of mine who has been trying to get pregnant for a little while found out shes pregnant... shes almost 40... it makes me think: Would I have been a better mom if I had waited until I was 35-40 to have my kids?? Wouldn't I have been better prepared for the pitfalls and the financial responsibilities? Wouldn't my kids have a better, nicer house to live in?  I don't know... if I had a baby when I was 40 I would be retired when that child was 22... as it is...  my kids will be like in their 30's when I retire... but hopefully (fingers CROSSED) I will have all kinds of time for my grandchildren...(I dont' have any on the horizon or anything... this is all just wishful thinking) I don' t know.. is having a baby when you're 24 better than having a baby when you're 44? Health risks aside... there are pros and cons to both... what I think is we as women don't treasure that feeling of being a new mom enough... being a NEW mom.. your first baby is something that is 1000% life changing... you go in one person, you exit another... and I wish we could just sit with it and be in the moment of it.. but its hard... hormones get in the way, pain gets in the way.... but I do miss it... being a brand new mama... Now I'm an old mama... but hopefully... in the not too distant future... a young grandma...

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