Friday, October 17, 2014


Like all of you out there working day to day.. . the subject of money has crept into the Bruce household this week... like, how much is too much? how much are YOU spending? How much am I spending?
 I spend WAAAAAYY too much time spending.. this much I know... and my Groopdealz addiction was found out when my husband asked me concerned," What is Groopville?" I'm all like, "What?? Huh?? Groopwhat??" So now that wonderful email that I look forward to every day is now something I have to avoid like the plague... So then he starts in on Goodwill and Salvation Army!! WHAAATTTT??? How DARE you disparage the good name of Goodwill and Salvation Army!!!" So I have to compromise... No more Groopdealz... but Salvation Army and Goodwill? theres going to have to be a sweet trade off for that... your move hubs....
Have a GREAT Friday!!!!


  1. groopdealz is addicting! i look at it at least once a day!!

    1. Girrrrrrllll!!! Right??? It's so hard to resist!!!

  2. Hi I found your blog through The Pleated Poppy. I too am addicted to Groopdealz and My husband asked me the same question last month. I have cut down but man it's really hard to do that cause you get that email and you wait for 11pm (I am in CA) to hit when the sites add their items for the next day. Addicting. I have found a couple of great thrift stores that are better than Goodwill and Salvation Army so I will have to be content with them. But it's hard to give up. I am always happy when there is nothing on the site I need or want for that day.

    Enjoy reading your blog and about your school adventures.