Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween Lovelies!!!! My Halloween outfit is very appropriate.. I am scary enough without a costume!!! 
How do you feel about Halloween?? I hear so many people say they love it or hate it... When I was young I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE going to Haunted Houses...going to haunted houses and laughing my butt off with my sister who would get so scared... now.. its hard.. haunted houses have a line around the block and you have to pay like 50.00 just to get in... so I think my haunted house days are over.. but I do love Halloween... I have to say.. I love giving out candy... I love having a fire and snuggling with my hubsband in the dark watching a scary movie... and of course I love the spirits.. both in the air and in the bottle... so however you feel about Halloween... have a great one... Happy Haunting!!!

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