Friday, October 10, 2014

Trying to catch the week!!!!

Girrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllll.. these are some JENKY pictures I'm putting up today... I have been trying like a demon to get this blog going all week.. I have so much to report... but this week... ok.. as you can see by my glasses I lost yet another contact... and in the year 2014 you would think I could get a new one in less than 7 days.. but alas no.. so that started out the week... then I got to go to this really (insert sarcasm here) greaaaaaaaaaaaat teacher inservice on success criteria and interactive feedback... making me  sit in a metal folding chair for 8 hours!!! It is inhuman to make people sit in a metal chair for 8 hours!!!! When I come back to school, my puppies were out of it!!! These are high kids and they have energy to burn... so you gotta be on your toes.....
Sooooooo... heres what I wanted to tell you:
1. I saw "Gone Girl".. LOVED IT!!! and yes I did read the book and the movie does it justice... recommended viewing.. even hubs liked it!
2. I watched that show I told you about "The Affair"... OMG!!! what a great show!!! even better than I anticipated.. the premier is this Sunday but episode 1 is on deamand right now... if you need some weekend fun, check it out!!! 
3. These shoes... I have now bought 3 pairs of these slip on sneakers... they are all over the blogs... I got a pair in black, cheetah, and black cushioned..very versatile....
I aplogize profusely for the lack of posts... life is getting in the way!!!!

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