Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Countin Down....

Look at me.. .getting my blog up before noon!!! This is my next to last day of school!!! I am soooooooooooooo relieved this school year is over... Like I said in this post this year was pretty good in comparison to other years... My kids were super smart and funny!!!! Although they got on my nerves plenty, they were a good class!! There are some I will really miss... my girl Sienna wrote some hilarious journls... It was something I really looked forward to.... My girl Dani was so enthusiastic when she came to school!!! She was smart and told good jokes... what first grader can tell a good joke??? My boy JR... where to begin??? When I asked someone who left the Cheetos bag on the desk.. he goes,"I'll do it... I'll be a man!!!" Then broke into "Be a Man" from Mulan!!!! He will truly be missed!!! I hope next years class is like this one.. probably not.. different kids.. but I hope I can connect with them like I connected with this class... My first grade class of 2014-15... Go out and see the world!!! Hopefully I helped to make your world a little brighter like you made mine!!!

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  1. we are winding down to summer too. School ends Thursday here. Hoping for a good summer. Cute top, purple is a good color on you. Molly