Monday, June 1, 2015


Good... What is it now? Afternoon??? Swoosh... ok.. onward... I wasn't here on Friday because my son graduated!!!! Yay!!!! No more high school!!! High school is the WORST!!!! you have to get up before dawn to catch the bus, you're always tired... you have to work, it stinks... I am sooooooooooooo happy hes DONE!!!!
So last week was " Summer Home Tour" week all around the blogs... things like this were all up and through my computer....
from where else?? and this:
from So I tried and tried and yesterday I literally spent 75% of my day just decorating... I was in heaven.. moving things around, trying to get all summerfied.... so heres what I accomplished...

Lizmarie puts the metal cannister with a plant in it.. inspired!!! I did the same thing.... 

I got sups inspired by Lizmarieblog to put the canisters in a box like she does... and I got the little planter too... 
So go to these two blogs and get inspired!!!!
Have a great Monday!!!

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