Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday

See how hard I'm holdin onto this man??? Today is his birthday... I wanted to take the day off to celebrate but it falls in the same week as this guy's high school graduation...
 but I didn't want the day to go by with out telling my three readers how special he his... Chris and I met in a very different way... When I was 20 a guy I went to high school with was in Desert Storm... so my high school wrote a letter saying that he wanted letters from I wrote him a letter and told him that if anyone else was lonely or wanted letters, I would write to he gave my letter to Chris... he wrote me a letter and  I wrote him back and we correspnded for about 7 months... we sent pictures back and forth and he even called me once from the desert!! You could tell he hadn't been on the phone in a long time... so then in June he came to Chicago and we met and it was pretty much it... I had to get a hubsband through the Persian Gulf... God works in mysterious ways!!!!! But from 1994 to now  we have spent ALL of his birthdays together... it is a VERY special day... so today's Pookapookapooka is dedicated to Chris... I'll hold on as tight as a I can!!!


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