Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unfortunately... I think this image may be the closest thing y'all get to my hubsband...I begged him to be on the blog... he said he is afraid of "face recogniton software" and some random terrorist will see his pic on THIS BLOG that about 10 people look at (5 of which are my co workers) and come find him... not likely.. but he is tough sell... he is VERY security conscious... I look at all the blogs I love, "The Pleated Poppy", "The Larson Lingo", "For Lauren and Lauren", and my new friend,"Across and Down".. they all have sweet pics of their hubsbands... but me.. I've got Mr.Blank Face Man... My Valentine


  1. HAHA!! So funny, that face recognition stuff is scary, I'm screwed!

    1. Right?? Ill be the first one they take...