Saturday, February 16, 2013


This pedicure was so overdue my toenails were like claws....This man gives a massage from heaven.. but when I go get my toes done.. I wish they would concentrate more on the feet and less on the calves.. my feet NEED love and this guys got the power... he just needs to stay on the FEET... this was the final result...
( I know.. my feet are like Chinese foot binding gone wrong...)
now onto the rest of my weekend...
sitting by this fire,...

eating the rest of this candy..(it was a gift for my son.. but he has braces and can't eat it... so I'll take the hit...)
I'm sneaking this picture of Mr Blank Face Man.. (shhhh!!!!) We had to celebrate valentines Day in a proper manner... I dont' know if y'all have Uncle Julio's restaurants by you.. but man did I eat WAAAY too much food!!! if you have one.. and you haven't gone... GO!! and bring your appetite!!!

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