Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump day..

This is my girl Leah.. she was wrangling kindergarteners when I took this pic so she didn't give me the outfits dets... rookie blogger mistake!!!! ... I'm putting this pic right in the middle of mine so you don't know which one is me...
Vest: Goodwill
jeans: Dots
boot socks: Charlotte Russe
I showed my girl Leah yesterday and she was so mad and said she looked bad.. as if!! But today she has pulled it together and posed... Now I have all kinds of potential guest bloggers coming... even of the male persuasion!!! Here is the new and improved posed Leah and me strategically hiding my cold sore...

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  1. Sorry I was busy lasso-ing up 5 year olds! The tunic is Loft, the jeggings (!) is Forever 21, and the boots I stole from my mom's closet