Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest Bloogger time...

2. Milan.. Not so reluctant... in fact.. very agreeable.. and very fashionable.. right...
                                       sweater, button down, jeans: H&M
Kelly.. reluctant blogger #2.. but so cute..
Boots: sketchers..

and Francie is back!!! this was kind of unfair.. She was running and I MADE her take this pic.. but look at how cute she looks!!!
Look!! 2 Men in one day!!! This is Mike our trusty security guard.. he looks SUPER thrilled to get his pic taken right??

boots: DSW
Jeans: Express
T shirt, cardigan, sweater, scarf: Gap
And OF COURSE my girl Allison!!! bringing the heat today with her fashion..shes the Kate Middleton of this blog...

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