Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amazing Amazon!!!

10 and 2

                                          Three groups of four
Put it together..
I ordered this on Amazon yesterday!!! and here it is in the snowstorm!!! This is a 100 bead rack... it is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used for addition with first graders... the one I have currently is red and white but any two contrasting colors works.. heres how it works... its 5 and one.. 6.. you push over ten.. then add 2 they see the ten and the 2 see twelve.. then they start adding and seeing the beads.. it is soooo powerful I've also done this with groups like 3 groups of 4 put it together.. 12....missing addends be damned!!!


  1. what a great tool! even my third graders could use that!

    1. it was 11.00 on amazon... but you can make it for cheaper with beads and a string... theres a website.. auntymath.com.. she is incredible....