Thursday, November 14, 2013

Its amazing what you can find at the grocery store...

Like for example.. these pants... I got these pants at Jewel/Osco for 11.00.. I have actually gotten alot of things at Osco, CVS, Walgreens that are real keepers... I swear.. Osco used to sell bras and the one I got there kept the cousins up quite nicely!! Your boobs are supposed to be between your shoulder and your elbow.. any lower and you're not wearing the right bra... that Osco bra really did the trick... these pants are Hanes jean colored leggings... I love them.. super comfortable.. fit nice... and throw in a bottle  of wine and a frozen pizza... I've got dinner, drinks, and my outfit for today!!!

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  1. I totally bought this sweater last week! Love it and can't wait to wear it! Goes perfect with your profession right?
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