Friday, November 22, 2013

The things I have to do just to leave the house!!!

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll... I would love to be able to tell you why my pictures are fuzzy... but I can't... I have to take my own pics which is not wonderful for anyone.. especially the 3 people who read this blog..... but I digress.... every morning is so frazzled just for me to get out the door.... here is my list of things to be accomplished just to be able to leave....
1. get up (GROSS!!!!! 6:45 is ugly people... ugly....)
2 .take a shower..(necessary.... but takes a long time...
3. put on makeup and blowdry/straighten hair ( when I'm putting on makeup.. I try to go somewhere else in my head.. if I look directly at myself and think about it.. I see wrinkles... )
4. get dressed ( usually painless.. unless outfit has not been picked out... then extremely painful...)
5. make bed..(you have to make your bed to start the day... otherwise, the day hasn't really started)
6. wrangle dogs out of room( this is the hardest part... they look so cozy on the bed when I'm not in it)
7. take picture for blog (takes longer than it should)
8. get coffee for the road (NECESSARY!!!!)
9. put coat on (now the dogs are getting suspicious... "is she going somewhere????")
10 put dogs in garage ( don't call animal control... its heated... it has a window... they're fine... )
11. lock all doors
12 actually leave....
This list is EVERY DAY!!! what does yours look like??


  1. Love that plaid scarf.

    Dog wrangling is the HARDEST! And when I don't have my outfit picked out, well then, I might as well give up!

    1. Right??? And he's a tub o'lard I tell ya! Btw.. I GOT the big wings!!!! Sooooo excited!! Hoarders of the world... Unite!!