Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Last Day of School... Reflections...

Well... I made it!!! Today is our LAST  day of school!!!I will say this year has been hard and at times I thought it was an uphill battle that I couldnt' win...At the start of the school year my hubsband was living in Virginia... that was hard... my first day sucked because usually I come home and talk to my husband about my class and the parents... and this year he wasn't there... but the class itself was actually one of my favorites... they were very innocent and curious... smart and funny with a good sense of humor.... they had ALOT of energy.... I had one student who was like wrestling with a puppy all day long... one student who had ocd and asked me the same question about 78 times in a row.... five boys who were equivalent to 10 with their energy level.... There were days that I literally RAN home to the wine and days when I didn't think I could make it.... the politics of teaching  drain the life out of you... and the conflicts with some  of my co workers didn't help.... but I CAN say... this year has fulfilled more than any other... my hubsband and I made it through one of the hardest years of our marriage.... I'm stronger as an educator... I'm a little more compassionate and ALOT more humble.... Goodbye to the 2013-14 class of Mrs.Bruce... you're big second graders now and I'm proud to be a part of that!!! Have a LOVELY day my friends!!!!

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