Monday, November 3, 2014

Who are you?

look at one of my little projects....

Now that I've been banned from Groopdealz I have been forced to make my own  banner... Call me Martha!!!
Good Morning Lovelies!!! Its Monday again and its a brand new month this one... so that is exciting... this month, November is my FAVORITE month of the year... today and tomorrow are parent teacher conferenences which is like.. ughghhh!! but there are no kids tomorrow so I get to go home at 10:30!!!! yeah!!! and all of these conferences are my payment for the 2 day week I get on Thanksgiving week!!! I love November... its fall.. its cold... LOVE IT!!!
now... my hubsband on the other hand is having a very hard November so far.. his government job is slowly but surely coming to an end... as in, no longer will be paying him... and he is at the verrrrrrrrry least... nervous...... he doesn't have another job lined up and hes afraid we're going to be broke... so hes running around trying to refinance our mortgage to get a lower payment, trying to tie up loose ends, etc... but the real reason for his stress is he is in a transition... who is he if hes not working? Who is he if he has to take a pay cut? He is having a HARD time with this... I am unusually calm... if we have to live on my salary alone.. we'll be ok... I have faith that he will find what hes looking for...God has a plan for us.. he does.. We just have to look for it.. He knows what to do.. I can't wallow in despair and ask, why us??? This is an opportunity.. and I have to look at it that way... Let go or be dragged... So we let go.. let go of the worry, let go of the anxiety, let go of the pain, let go of the stress....We are children of God.. if we are nothing else.. we have that..

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