Friday, May 10, 2013


The only thing you really need to know is the necklace.. its from Lia Sophia.. my friend is a rep and I swear I think I"m paying for her house with all the joories I buy from her...

Well Beloveds.... we made it to Friday!!! And to be totally honest... there were some days I doubted I'd make it....every day I was like, " I'm taking tomorrow off." ok.. for SURE I'm taking tomorrow off.. and yet every day... here I am... you have to be careful with those mental health days... I'm 42 and not gettin any younger so I have to think ahead... if a hip goes out I gotta get paid...I just gotta hold on!!!!!
today is R for read in day on our alphabet countdown to the last day of school... Ms.R is bossy r.. she always has to say her name... and she loves her rubber bands.... shes a little strange.....some say a little scary.... I can't put her song up because it may frighten you... so.. I leave you with.. Have a wonderful day my lovelies!!!! And a spectacular weekend!!!!OH!! and I finally can link up... I missed what I wore Wednesday thanks to freaknuts...(hubsband) but I can link up with for her Friday Frock linkup!!! YAY!!

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