Wednesday, May 8, 2013

no what I wore Wednesday????

ughhhhhhhhhhhh.... girrrrrrrrrll.. unless I get Pablo in my class to take another pic... i'm out of what I wore Wednesday... I dropped my anger for hubsband mainly because I don't have the energy to hold on to it... our district heads said that the contract they offered is IT and if we don't ratify the contract we need to strike.. well NOONE including me wants a strike.. NOONE including me wants this contract... I don't know about y'all... but I am in a union that is W E A K!!!!! They are not organized or informed.. so... I will be working more and making less... some veteran teachers say this is the worst contract in 30 years... I feel uninspired.... both in life, and online... I'm hoping I can get it together and be happy go lucky again... but with all of this going on... allergies are on the rampage as well...I have said it  before and I will say it again.. Wednesdays are the worst!!!!!!

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