Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the vote...

Top: Gap c/o Goodwilll
Jeans Gap1969  c/o Goodwill
Well my lovelies.. today is the day... today is the THIRD voting for our contract.. .we either vote to ratify or vote to strike... my predicition?? Vote to ratify... noone wants a strike... people are afraid... the contract is not that good... an added conference, pay freeze, increase in insurance... ughhh.... but we persevere... this is all my prediction.. I will keep you updated... 14 days left to go in this school year...
NOW onward to the real reason for getting up this morning... WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY!!! with Lindsey and Catherine at!!!Go link up... and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!


  1. what a cute shirt!! i'm sorry you are in that place! our school actually went on strike this year. thankfully only for a day but it's made for a awkward environment!!

  2. if we went on strike it would only last a day too.. but you know union reps.. they like to scare everyone and tell them a strike will go on and on and on and that the district will bus in subs... its all horrible...
    thanks about the shirt!! Its originally from Gap got at Goodwill for 4.00!!