Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Blog???

Girrrrrrllllllllll... I have told y'all.. I go on alot of blogs... but lately... I've been scaling down on my blog browsing.. I'd say 45% from pure exhaustion... .and 55% because alot of blogs seem like... facebook posts that have been made into a blog... I compare myself to a 6 year old on many levels... First.. I like pictures!!!!  so if a blog doesn't have a lot of pictures.. I'm out.. I'm too exhausted to read... second... I like blogs with fashion... but not like pinterest blogs... I like REAL outfits on REAL women... if I can find a blog out there with a 5 foot 2 woman looking good in clothes.. I am thrilled... we are not all a size 2  and last... I like blogs that are about life.. .like working, putting up with your frustrating hubsband, dealing with these beast kids,... not "I'm THAT mom!!! The one who has to go above and beyond for every holiday!!!".. Girrrrrrrrrrlllllll.. we are ALL THAT MOM!!!! Shut up with your perfect self!!!! I like the misery... I like the grind... I like the confusion... it makes me feel like I'm not alone out here with my frustrating hubsband, beast kids, and size 12 body!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love you. You crack me up! But agreed! I like "real" folks too!