Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keepin it real in the field...

Sweater: Goodwill
Tank: Merona by Target
Jeans: Old Navy c/o Goodwill
Little shoes: Converse by Target
Necklace: Lia Sophia and Kohls

Girrrrrrrrrllllllllllll... look at this mess behind me.... I have no words... this is from Casey's room...theres laundry all over... its a mess... this is how hoarders begins..
1. there is someone in the house who cleans everything
2. That person either gets sick or tired of cleaning all the time
3. the rest of the family doesn't do anything different
4. noone cleans
5. A&E calls you for permission to show your image on "Hoarders"
I keep giving myself the summer countdown telling myself that as soon as summer gets here.. I will turn into Martha Stewart and my house will look super good... but girrrrrrrrrrllllllll... my life is about as messed up as my house... Freaknuts husband is still talking about moving to Virginia  in August... he will also be gone like 2 weeks in July.. Casey is ???????????????????? just a BIG FAT QUESTION MARK in all housing???boyfriend???
and Jack... starting drivers ed... apparently the universe does not want him to get his permit as  he has gone 3 times to get it and now they are saying he neeeds his ORIGINAL birth certificate.. What the hell?????
Jack wants to just replace my hubsband with a dog and every night he asks me what kind of dog I think we should get.... this is like right as I'm falling asleep... and he doesn't just let it go.. he stays and asks the question over and over until I answer... now I should remind everyone.. we have 2 lovely dogs already!!!!
this is the result of a five day work week!!! STRESS!!!!

BTW.. today is I day.. I has impossible inches... our I? ILLUSTRATION DAY!!! Later you will see all of my students' illustrations...


  1. At least it's almost Friday! I love your stripes. Happy almost weekend!

    1. i know right?? it has been a five day work week.. and I worked every damn one of them!!!