Friday, September 13, 2013

back log...'re gonna be like," ok. Suzanne.. what is this like the Ann Curry Blog..with all the good mornings.... but my reason is less ADD an more overload.... I tried and tried to do my blog yesterday but I am starting to believe there is a force field around me that is stopping all technology from working... so my Good Morning Good Morning is because I could NOT for the life of me get this up yesterday.... it is now 5:17 on a Friday and I'm just now at a place where I can do this... Hopefully I will leave soon... progress reports... changing jobs, getting my sh** done for next week... uggghhh... I WILL be sleeping tomorrow until at least 11:30 and then its Good Will bound for me... then Salvation Army.. yay!!!! its like my weekend reward for my hard work.... Tomorrow I'll tell you all about how my anger for my hubsband is coming back to rear its ugly head... depending on what day you ask me the answer to "Hows your marriage going? will be different... soooooo... this is why we blog in the morning...being at work at 5:20 on a Friday is ugly!!!!

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