Monday, September 16, 2013

What makes a fight dirty??

(special appearance by my water heater today!! no charge...)

top: Goodwill
Pants: Dockers c/o Goodwill
Shoes: Target
 I would like all of you to notice I am wearing like an actual outfit today... like put together with shoes that match and everything... not a usual Monday...
I was thinking about fighting yesterday because as seen in previous postings.. of COURSE my hubsband and I fought most of this one... now you may ask, "Suzanne.. WHY DO YOU KEEP FIGHTING WITH THIS MAN???"  this particular fight was because after a long work week, and trust me y'all.. last week was LONG... a faculty meeting, a baby shower, a union meeting, an eye dr. appointment... I want to just go out with him and unwind and just enjoy the break.. but with him gone I do NOTHING... both my kids have lives of their own and they weren't home.. so its me and my three sons... my I took all of that lonliness nad frustration out on him... I just get madder and madder until it gets to the point where... and yes this happened... he hung up on me.. I went IMMEDIATELY to Best Buy... got a new phone with a new number in which I had no intention of giving wanna hang up on me???? ok... FINE!!!! was this dirty?? YES... but in my defense... I was REALLY MAD!!! my son gave him the number within five minutes of me trying to not give it to him because he was at his friends and didn't know anything... soooooooo.. ended up texting with hubsband all night Saturday.. he said sorry on Sunday and it was that sorry that made me realize how dirty the fighting has gotten on my part... I never call him names or get violent or anything like that... I just freeze him out.. thats the tactic.... I know... its immature... I'm putting in a call to Iyanla immediately....
Have a lovely Monday my friends!!! I wish all of you a NON STRESS week!!!!


  1. I seriously cackled at your water heater appearance.

    I hope this week is better! :)

    1. So far so good Girl... fingers crossed!!